Chrono Trigger Tips

Chrono Trigger is a huge game in which you can do many different thing. At first this will not seem like alot, but I will add as time goes on. I am sure I will not list all the tips that are in teh game, just because it is too big. If you have one that I dont have e-mail it to me.

End of Time

  • You probobly figured this out, but I need something for the End of Time. Anyway, Speekio can't be hit by physical attacks.

    2300 AD

  • The first time you go to 2300 AD, go through Sewer Access. It will save you lots of time later.
  • When racing Johny the Man, if you choose the mode without the boosts, you can rotate your view so that it is in front of him. This makes it easier to predict where he will go so you can cut him off.
  • When you go in the factory, go into the room where you learn the password. Even if you know the password, go there to get the bolt sword.

    1000 AD

  • When you first start the game, after you get Marle, go to the Guradia Forest and build up your levels to at least 5, but you can get it up to 10.
  • Jerky is a useful item that can help you get the sun stone. It can be bought in 1000 AD.
  • When you rescue Fritz from jail, go to his shop and he will give you 10 Mid Ethers for free!
  • when you are in a New Game +, on Lucca's right telepod there is a twinkle. Like the kind when there is a tab or something. Walk up to it and press A and you will find yourself infront of Lavos ready to fight him. No matter what level you are on.

    600 AD

  • If you see a sealed chect and it tells you there is something reacting to the pendant, and it asks you if you want to take the contents out. Say NO. Travel to 1000 AD and open the chest there and you will get a powered up version of it!
  • In order to get the Sun Stone, go get some jerky in 1000 AD and bring it back to 600 AD. Then give it to the girl that asks you for it for FREE. If you do that her descendants will give you the Sun Stone.
  • Have Robo in your group when you defeat the Sunken Dessert he will stay back and help Fiona rebuild the forest. Then go back to 1000 AD to get him back and you will learn about the entity.

    12000 BC

  • If you learn the Nu's scratch spot, you can get a magic tab from the nu in Kajar.
  • In Kajar, in the back room where the guy is trying to make magic tabs you should notice a shine just outside of the room but you can't get there because it is over a bookcase. Solution: Go into the room where the man is making magic tabs and go to te bottom right. and press A. You should pick up a speed tab, the exact tab that was outside the room.
  • The combination for the two rooms in Kajar and Enhasa goes like this: Water, Wind, Fire.

    65000000 BC

  • Alot of enemies here are low in the lightning defense.
  • to build your levels up, go to the hunting grounds.
  • If you haven't noticed, the people say that only the hunting grounds is the only place where you can get petals, feathers, etc... Well if you look at what you have won after each battle, it says you have gotten some of them. However, it is ot alot. Maybe one or two.

    If you have any tips that I don't have, which I am sure you do, then e-mail them to me.

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