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MP3 Encoders

MP3 encoders are programs that will read a specific CD track and then "rip" it off by transferring it to MP3 format and then storring it onto your computer. This is a good way to make your CDs last longer, well at least the songs anyway. =) Below is a list of the best CD rippers. You can rarely get one for free but I am looking. If I find one I will post it here.

Maker Product Name Description Rating
Xing Technology Corporation Audio Catalyst This is a good MP3 ripper. It is a demo ware so it only rips half of the songs off your cd, or as many out of the half that you select. There is a way around this though. Everytime you quit and start the program, it RANDOMLY picks tracks from your cd player. If the program doesn't pick the song you want it to pick the first time, just close it and re-open it until it does pick that song. It's that simple! Recommended 4
HYCD HYCD Play and Record Once again, HYCD makes another MP3 utility. This encoder is confusing to follow and use, however, there is alot of commands and options with this one. 3
Real Networks Real Jukebox Extremely good program. Rips CD's extremely fast. According to, it can record a 60 minute album in 12 minutes. IMPRESSIVE! That boosts the score way high. 4
Audio Soft Virtuosa Gold Excellent program! So many options. You can burn other file formats such as .wav into MP3 format. EXCELLENT EXCELLENT, if you download any program from this page, this would be it for the 15 days you get to try it for free, thats the only downside. 4
Music Match Jukebox 4.0 How good is this program? Well has it under the recommended column for quite some time now. Ever since I got interested in MP3's. One of the top programs out there. but,,,,,,,,,,,,you have to pay 4

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