Zelda Glitches

This page is dedicated to the various errors in Zelda. The game is very gopod but there is a ton of errors in it that provide evidence that the game was rushed. If you have an glitches that I do not have just email me with them and I will give you 100% credit.

Swordless Link

This glitch will allow link to play without his sword. It only works in the gold cartridge of Zelda64 though. Ok, first go to fight Gannon and wait until he knocks your sword out of your hand. Once he does so, Save and then reset. You will start at the beginning of Gannon's castle with nothing equpied to the sword(green) button. This allows you to use any items on Epona.

Video Gamer X's Game Debug

Ok, so I didn't discover this glitch but at least I used what Video Gamer X wanted me to use. Ok, first start a new game as adult link and stay in the temple of light. Then slowly pull up on the LEFT side of your cartridge until the music becomes muffled and link and the other graphics become disoriented. Then try to move link. You will see a tiny yellow line in the upper left part of the screen. Now is the time to enter your code. The code is:
This code is very good and hats off to Video Gamer X for finding this code. Here is his website

This is the last code I will submit to you for now. It is the Swordless Link trick for the grey cartridge. Ok here it is:
Go to the fishing pond and pay for the pole. Equip the hover boots and run out onto the water. Before the boots run out, quickly roll back and press the cast button(B). the camera will get disoriented and screwed up and the line will dangle. you will then be able to exit the place with the fishing pole. When you are outside, save and reset. You will then be able to restart the game with link having so sword.

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This is all I have for now. I won't put any more up here until I get glitches from people who visit this site. Remember, if you submit something to me and I publish it, you will get full credit for it. So what are you waiting for? E-mail me your glitches!