Big Goron's Sword

Follow these steps to get Big Goron's Sword, the most powerful weapon in the game:

1) Once you have purchased the sword as child link from the big goron and broken it, go to Kakarioko Village and talk to the Cucco girl to get the pocket Cucco,

2) Go to once of the houses and use the Cucco to wake Talon up from sleeping

3) After you get Cojiro, bring it to the lost woods to give it to the sleeping man(enter than one left). He will then give you the odd mushroom.

4) Take it to Kakarioko Village before it spoils and give it to the old woman in the potion shop. She will then give you the odd potion.

5) Then take it back to the same area there the man was. He won't be there anymore but a little girl will. If you give her the potion, you will get the poachers saw.

6) Take the saw to the carpenters at Gerudo Valley. They will give you a broken sword.

7) Take the saw to the huge Goron on top of Death Mountain. He will tell you that his eyes itch and will give you a prescription.

8) Go to Zora's domain and show King Zora the prescription. He will give you a big eyed frog. You must then hurridely take it to Lake Hyla.

9) Talk to the scientist there and he will give you the medicine. You must then hurry back up to death mountain.

10) After you give Big Goron the medicine, he will give you a claim check and tell you to wait for a few days. Just play the sun's song a few times and there ya have it. Big Goron's Sword!

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