Heart Pieces

This page also was not written by me. Again it was written by Marshmallow and used with permission. Refer to the skulltula page for contact information on him.

Shown in ()'s:

YL = You can only get this Heart Piece as Young Link.

AL = Same as above, except with Adult Link.

BL = Both Links can attain this.

Shown in []'s:

Weapon/Item (s) essential to get this.

NIN = No Item Needed

1. Lon Lon Ranch (BL) [NIN] :

In one of the sheds (way out, behind the horses)is a group of boxes against a wall. Pull/shove on them and they will get out of the way, revealing a small hole...

2. Dodongo's Cavern (AL) [Magic Bean] :

When you are Young Link, plant a magic bean (bought from the Beanseller near Zora's River) at the mouth of the cave; in the soft soil. Come back as an Adult and climb the vine that has grown. At the top is a ledge with the Heart!

3. Hyrule Field (BL) [Bomb - Golden Scale OR Iron Boots] :

Go to your extreme right after exiting the Market...now...you'll see a boulder, some trees, and a wall behind it. Follow the wall around and you'll find a TON of trees. In the distance you'll spot a lonely tree...bomb it, then fall down the hole. Use your Iron Boots to sink to the bottom of the lake. Actually, you can also get down there if you have collected the Golden Scale, which is the only way to get it as Young Link.

4. Hyrule Field (BL) [Bomb] :

When traveling to Lake Hylia, blow up the little fenced in area to reveal a hidden area with an enemy. There are several ways to defeat this way, it usually involves bouncing his nut back at him. As a child, this can not be done with the Hyrule Shield, only the Deku Shield. As Adult, it can be done with the Hyrule Shield. You can also use various projectiles, or if you're really quick, your sword. After killing him, he will sell you a Heart for...get this...10 Rupees!!

5. Kakariko Village (YL) [At least 10 Rupees] :

Go into the graveyard and ask Dampe the gravedigger to dig a little (Go into a field area, wait until the wolf howls - signaling nightfall - and run into the village, now he'll be out of his hut). Follow him where he goes, and he'll eventually pull out a Heart Piece! Yes, this does take awhile...Only ask for him to dig on the soft soil parts, or else it won't work. It's always random, so you could pay 10 Rupees one time, and 100 another. At least every soft spot, except for two, have Rupees in them, usually a blue or red, so you don't need a huge amount of money to go all the way around the graveyard.

6. Kakariko Village (AL) [Longshot] :

When you have acquired the Longshot, come back and use it to reach the roof of the blue roofed-house. Explore and you will find a man who will give you a Heart Piece! Why? Heck, he's insane, who cares! I have also heard several stragedies that say you can get this as soon as you get the Hookshot, but I forget and I'm too lazy to go look. Ok, ok, I'll do it, you heartless demons...later.

Actually, you can get on the roof as a CHILD. Just climb up the lookout tower thingy, and get up against the railing farthest from the ladder you used to climb up. Then, look forward using Z and do a side step. Hold it all the way! If you did it correctly you should be dangling on the fence next to the roof...so climb up!

7. Kakariko Village (BL) [Bomb OR Longshot] :

After collecting the magic meter atop Death Mountain, talk to the owl and he will drop you on a house in Kakariko Village. Drop down yet again, on the brown object sticking over the cucco pen where the lady is, then go inside to find another Heart Piece. You can also use the Longshot for this, but this will take awhile since you have to be an Adult to do this.

8. Kakariko Village (AL) [NIN] :

After beating Dampe in the race, talk to him again and re-race him. Get to the finish line in under a minute and he'll reward you with a Heart! You MUST have the Longshot for this. When you're at the end, you'll go through a sort of spiral path. Well, when you enter, look to your right to find two torches...use the Longshot to pull yourself there. You'll only shave a few seconds off your time, but it should be enough if you didn't trip on any of the flames (and if you did, you're screwed). Or....or you could just continuously roll over and over again, this will drastically lower your overall time. Then the above trick could be the icing on the cake (not necessary).

9. Kakariko Village (BL) [50 Golden Skulltula Tokens] :

After you collect 50 Skulltula Tokens, come back to the cursed family and talk to the boy; he'll give you a Heart! What a nice guy...

10. Kakariko Village (AL) [Magical Bean] :

Plant a magic bean in the corner of the graveyard as a child (see the soft soil?) and then come back as an adult, climb up to retrieve your prize, it's in the crate. Do a roll or bomb it.

11. Kakariko Village (BL) [Sun's Song] :

When in the graveyard, pull on the far right (from the entrance) tombstone that is in the row before the large statue where you get the Sun's Song. Go down and kill the ReDead, then play the Sun's Song to get another Heart. I don't see how anyone could find this out without knowing about it beforehand...oh well.

12. Zora's River (YL) [Ocarina of Time - Song of Storms] :

Along your travels among the river, you've probably seen a small group of frogs. Get on the log, whip out the Ocarina of Time, and play the Song of Storms. They'll reward you with a Heart, since they loved it so much.

13. Zora's River (YL) [Ocarina of Time - Top Songs] :

After getting that Heart, keep playing a bunch of Songs for the frogs (all the ones on the top row in the Quest Statue Screen). Eventually they'll ask you to play their Bug Eating Game [See "Mini-Game" section]. Your reward is, yes, a Heart.

14. Zora's River (BL) [Cucco OR Hoverboots] :

Near the entrance to Zora's Domain you've probably spotted a Heart Piece sitting on a ledge just out of your reach...Go to the man who was selling magical beans, then grab a chicken (Cucco) from him. Use it to float to the area with a ladder. Now, climb the ladder and you'll find a Cucco up there. Cross the log and float to it. If you screw up, and the Cucco is in the river, just go into the hole up there, then come back; everything will have reset. You can also use the Hoverboots as an adult.

15. Zora's River (BL) [Cucco OR Hoverboots] :

Go to the man who is selling beans and then grab one of his chickens (Cuccos). Before the bridge that leads to Zora's Domain is a large hill, get on it, then face away from Zora's Domain and use the chicken to float to the nearby ledge and you'll automatically collect the Heart Piece. You can also use the Hoverboots if you wish.

When you grab the chicken, you find that you will have to throw it over several ledges to get to where you need to go. Well, do so, then quickly climb up. Now this is the hard part, getting the chicken back. Since you were so cruel to it, it won't be so happy, and will run around, frightened. So, Z-target it and strafe around it. Get it against a wall if you can, then grab it. It is possible, so keep trying!

16. Market (YL) [Richard] :

One of the ladies in this area has lost a white dog (during the night). Go near the Bazaar and find it, then take it back to the woman, it's the white one, it might be behind the miniature market thing. She'll reward your deed with a Heart! The only question that remains...why does she have a beard? That's not right, I'm sorry, it's just not right. Actually, now that I notice it, several of the women have mustaches...AH! Run!

17. Market (YL) [Bombchu Abilities - 30 Rupees] :

Everytime you win the Bombchu Bowling game [See "Mini-Game" section] you get random prizes. If you play for awhile, you'll eventually receive a Heart! This may take awhile, though...and some money.

18. Market (YL) [10 Rupees - Lens of Truth*] :

Win the Treasure Chest Game [See "Mini-Game" section] and you'll get a Heart. Almost impossible without the Lens of Truth. Notice how I said "almost".


19. Lost Woods (YL) [Saria's Song] :

Turn left from the entrance from the Kokiri Forest to find a Skullkid atop a stump. Stand on the stump near him and play Saria's Song.

20. Kakariko Village (AL) [Beating Dampe] :

In the windmill, look around for a Heart! You have to get this after beating Dampe in the race, then use the windmill platforms to get there.

21. Lost Woods (YL) [Paper - Pen OR Pencil OR Crayon :)] :

Go even deeper into the mysterious woods, you'll soon find TWO Skull Kids! They are near the strange object that hangs from the tree. Talk to them and they'll ask you to play your Ocarina as they play their flutes. After the jam session, they'll give you a Heart. This may take awhile. Use a piece of paper to keep track of the notes.

22. Zora's Domain (YL) [Din's Fire AND/OR Deku Stick (get both) :

When you first enter this beautiful city, you'll see a waterfall. Go behind it and you'll spot a bunch of torches; unlit torches. Light them, and all the ones nearby, and a treasure chest will drop down...open it, what else? Lighting the torches can be difficult, since you have to be VERY quick on your feet. I suggest standing between the ones in the waterfall, use Din's Fire, then quickly pull out a Deku Stick and get that lit. Then quickly, run along the water that is shallow enough for you to run (it's on the side) and light those others. It always works for me! You can also light the torch above the store using the torch in King's Zora's Room, then quickly (and I do mean QUICKLY) run and light the rest with a Deku Stick. Takes skill to do this before the torches reset.

23. Zora's Fountain (AL) [NIN] :

Coming back as an adult, you'll discover that everything has frozen over! Look for a large ice block with a Heart on it...See the nearby platforms? Make like Mario and jump to it, just be careful of the Octorocks nearby.

24. Zora's Fountain (AL) [Iron Boots]:

After finding both the Iron Boots and Zora Tunic, submerge yourself in the largest area. Go to the deepest part and you'll find a Heart surrounded by a ton of Green Rupees.

25. Ice Cavern (AL) [Bottled Blue Fire] :

Here you'll find a red ice block with a Heart Container inside. Now, go get some Blue Fire in a bottle, come back, then use it on it to melt the ice and claim your treasure! The Heart Piece itself is found in the Compass Room, which is through one of the red ice walls in the room with a helicopter contraption.

26. Death Mountain Crater (AL) [NIN*] :

Once inside, explore near the walls and you'll eventually find it. You'll have to climb down from an above area to reach it, but it won't take long.

* - Yes, it is possible to do this without the Goron's Tunic.

27. Death Mountain Crater (AL) [Magical Bean - Borelo of Fire] :

To get here as a child, play the Borelo of Fire to warp here. In here is a Soft Soil Area. Plant a bean, then return as an adult. Ride it up, up, and AWAY! You'll eventually spot it on a large pillar of rock.

28. Goron City (YL) [Din's Fire OR Deku Stick - Bomb] :

On the lowest level of the city are several torches. Light them all and make the thingy turn. Run to the upper section and toss a bomb into it's opening. Ta da! Hopefully a Heart Piece will fall out, along with a few Rupees. If not, try again! It's totally random, so it might not always work.

29. Lake Hylia (YL) [20 Rupees :

Catch a big old fish! It has to be exactly 10 pounds, which is the largest you can collect at this time.

30. Lake Hylia (AL) [Golden Scale] :

See the lab on the shore? Go inside. If you have the Golden Scale, you'll be able to dive deep into it. The professor will be so amazed he'll hand it over. Iron Boots DO NOT work.

31. Lake Hylia (AL) [Magical Bean] :

Plant a bean as a child near the lab, then come back as an adult and climb to the top! Climb up to the lookout tower to find another cute and cuddly Heart, just be careful of the birds.

32. Gerudo Fortress (BL) [Cucco OR Longshot] :

Go across the broken bridge either using Epona, or the Longshot, or it may be fixed, but just get to the side with the Carpenter's tent. Now, looking below, you'll see a long ledge against the side of the canyon. Fall down there! You'll lose some health, but what the heck. Kill the Octorocks with your Longshot, then move as close to the giant waterfall as you can. You've spotted the ladder behind the falls, right? Use the Longshot to connect with it and climb up, your prize is a piece of Heart. You can also get down there as young Link if you use a Cucco that is wandering about.

33. Gerudo Fortress (AL) [Longshot] :

Exploring the fortress, you've probably seen a large chest on the roof. There are two ways to get there...Play the Scarecrow's Song near it to summon Pierre, then using your Longshot on him, or getting in the correct position and grappling to the chest itself (to see where that particular location is, see paragraph # 4 of the Gerudo Fortress walkthrough). Naturally, inside the chest is the piece.

34. Gerudo Valley (BL) [Cucco OR Longshot] :

Go to the first part, the area where you cross the bridge to find the spot with the Carpenter's Tent. Go to the VERY left hand side, and look straight down. You should spot part of a ledge. Drop down, and if you were right against the wall, you should now be on that ledge. Go to the end, near the rock, and look across the canyon. Use your Longshot on the crate, then break it open with either a bomb or roll. Inside is another piece of Heart. As young Link, you can also use the Cucco that is wandering about.

35. Gerudo Fortress (AL) [Epona] :

Get over 1,000 points in the Shooting Game [See "Mini-Game" section] and this Heart Piece is yours. Rather easy, don't you think?

36. Spirit Temple [Requiem of Spirit - Magical Bean] :

When you get here as young Link, plant a magic bean near the entrance, then come back as an Adult. Ride it up and drop down to the platform in front of the entrance to the Spirit Temple. The last Heart Piece in the game is yours!

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