David the Whop's Links Page

Welcome to my links page! This page has links to major sites around the web, plus, personnal webages that friends/visitors have e-mailed to me to be listed here. If you want your page listed here, just e-mail me your webpage's address plus a paragraph telling me about it.

Microsoft-This page is the webpage of the computer giant, Microsoft. This page also contains useful information.

America Online-Click here to go to America Online's Website. If you did not know America online is America's biggest internet service. This page contains information on their billing and other news.

CNET Download.com-This place has a huge directory of downloadable files, from freeware to shareware, chances are it has it here.

Demoland-This place has a huge library of demo games from big time names such as Squaresoft and Akklaim.

CNN-Click here to go to CNN.com to get news on current events or just to do some research.

Yahoo!-This is one of the major search engines on the web. It is very organized but doesn't have as many pages as Altavista.

Altavista-nother major search engine. It definately has more pages than Yahoo! but is not near as organized. Gives you the option to search for different kinds of files.

Dogpile-This search enigne is a combination of all the search engines. When you search for something it searches about 150 other search engines for the same thing and gives you all the results.

Cyber-Quest-This page is not very big but it is the internet provider I use.

Ign64-This is the official page of the Nintendo 64.

Gamefaqs-This page has the largest library of game faqs on the web. I think anyway, but they have a huge library.

Athens High School Website-Click here to see the Athens School District Website

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http://www.access.digex.net/~holycow/cgw.htm-This page has alot of good computer information. This page is a must see for computer users.

Alpha One-Click here to go to a pretty neat site that is the home of the HTML editor I have on this site.

Free Stuff World-This page is pretty much self explanitory, but it includes alot of good free things that you can download. A very good page!

Axiom SoftwareAxiom Software-This page has information on computer software and other things about computers.

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