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MP3 Legal Information

Alright, this is what I could find on MP3 legal information. From what I can tell, MP3's are not illegal unless they specifically say ILLEGAL SERVER or ILLEGAL MP3, or that could just be a nice old way to gain traffic to your site because it says the big fat word ILLEGAL and that attracts so many people to websites.

Ok, first of all MP3 ripping essentially is the same as recording if you think about it. Recording takes songsg from CD players or the radio and puts them onto a homemade object. That is perfectically legal as long as you do not sell it for your own personnal gain. So, in my opinion MP3 ripping is exactely the same as tape recording, they are both legal as long as you don't sell what is on the tapes for any kind of personnal gain unless you put all the things that are on that disk on there yourself.

One more thing that has been touched upon is that record companies and record labels are now trying to make people pay for MP3's. This could make anybody who downloads MP3's from that day on illegal(don't worry, not now because of the little government thing called EX-POST FACTO LAWS. Don't know what it means? Look it up....) I read somewhere out there on the internet that Lycos and some major record company were making a deal that you have to pay $1 to download MP3s. What is all of this? HOG WASH! All the big coorprate people at the top are interested in is the money. The people who are in the music industry actually making the music(and more specifically the ones who make MP3's for a living) are there to make MUSIC, not MONEY, MUSIC, what they have is the good old time values that the 70s posessed with such bands as Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, Greadful Dead, Pink Floyd, well the list goes on and on. Today however, we have these one-hit-wonders. In fact, with the exception of a handful of bands who keep on coming out with good music that are hits(Lennie Cravitz, Madonna's been there a while too) are one-hit-wonders. No, 3 or four songs don't count. What counts for a real musician is 3 or 4 hits over a lengthy period of time(oh...about 6-7 years) or, they don't have any hits and still continue to make music because that's what they want to do with their life. They don't care about the money, only about the music.

I have read over and over and over again at websites that say when you download their MP3's you must delete them after 24 hours. Well I say one thing...... If somebody shows me an official document that says that, I will delete every MP3 that I have downloaded. No joke, so what are you waiting for? Send me documents via e-mail!

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Along with that, I don't care what you do with these links on MP3's. They will be there until some government official tells me otherwise =). Just use the links respectively and don't HAMMER them, that makes it so other people can't get in and that's not cool. Alright, so have fun with all the MP3 links when I get them!

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