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Portable MP3 Players

Portable MP3 players are the next step in both MP3 popularity and technology. Imagine having CDs but only being able to play them at home on your PC. That is what it was like for MP3's until recently. People in the top of the industry are developing new portable MP3 players that are amazing in size and technology but suck when it comes to the prices(250+). Once MP3's really take off though, these will be a hit and the prices will surely go down to probably in the neighborhood of $150-$200. This is still quite expensive, but look at the long run. You don't have to pay for any of the music you get. You can download it all.

Manufacturer Product Name Description Price Rating
Diamond Multimedia Diamond Rio The Diamond Rio is definately the most popular and probably the best MP3 player out there. It includes all the software you need to manage your MP3's and it comes with a 64 MB card that allows you to store MP3s onto it. The only drawback is the not so good looking price. $250 4
Saehan/Eiger Labs Eiger F-10 When eiger came out with the MPMAN they revolutionized an industry of protable MP3 players. Essentually, they started it all. This product is an upgrade to that which includes better software and hardware management and the price is very low. $150 3
Creative Labs Nomad 64mb This is a very young portable player. The only information I could find is that it has up to 2 hours of recorded music. Couldn't find one Not enough information to conclude

Sorry, but this is all I could really find on the portable MP3 players. there isnt alot of them out there. If you would like you could go to this website and get a more conclusive list and possibly a more accurate description since I have never used any of these products and had to take people's word for it. Click here to see more players.

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