MP3 Players

There are alot of MP3 players out there. Some good some are bad. I will only be covering some of them out there. If you want to send me information on another one, give me an e-mail.

Maker Product Name Brief Overview Rating
Xing Technology Xing MP3 Player This is a good MP3 player that has a good graphic interface and playlist option. 5
Nullsoft Winamp This is possibly the best MP3 player out there. It also plays everykind of music file out there. Very nice graphic interface and easy to use. 5
HYCD HYCD Play and Record This player has alot of features built in. the graphics are good, but the controls can be a little confusing. 4
Microsoft Windows Media Player Yes, you didn't expect a part of computers not to have Microsoft in it? Well good news. This player is not the best one out there. It loads slow at times and it isn't very graphical. It doesn't allow you to have playlists. 3
Music Match Musicmatch 4.0 This version is new to the MP3 world, but that doesn't mean it isn't good. It is excellent in sound quality and graphic interface. The only downside, you have to pay for the full version. Minus 1 3
Real Networks Real Jukebox This program uses all the recent formats of music including Real Audio(.ra) format. It is excellent to have. It is up there with Winamp and Xing MP3 player. 5

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