Zelda Side Quests

Weapon Upgrades

Deku Stick 1:
Go into the lost woods, and turn right then left then right then 2 lefts. Go towards the back where all the grass is. If you go near the butterflys, there is a hidden hole leading to the forest stage. If you wear the skull mask, they will give you a deku stick upgrade(20 sticks). There is a gaming glitch that doesn't allow you to get this after you become an adult so get it early in the game!

Deku Stick 2:
Enter the lost woods again and this time make two lefts. fall down and do to the back. there is a deku salesman attacking you. Defeat him and he will offer to see you a Deku Stick upgrade(up to 30 deku sticks). Now you have all the Deku Sticks.

Deku Nut 1:
In the lost wood, make a right turn and go through the tunnel. When you go through you will notice a little target on top of a tree. Aim for the bullseye, and with three hits, you will be awarded with a Deku Seed upgrade(40 seeds)

Deku Nut 2:
If you win the archery game in the Market you will get an upgrade(50 seeds)

Bomb Bag 1:
In Goron City, there is a Goron rolling around as Chile Link. If you place a bomb in his way, and he hits it, he will give you a bomb bag upgrade(30 Bombs)

Bomb Bag 2:
Play the Bombchu Bowling game enough times and eventually, it will come up as one of the random prizes.

Arrow 1:
Win the arrow game in Kakarioko Village as an adult(40 arrows)

Arrow 2:
Win the horse archery game in Gerudo valley with over 1500 points(50 arrows)

Deku Nut 1:
Go back to the forest stage and wear the Mask of Truth. It will be one of the random things that happens.(40 Deku Nuts)

Deku Nut 2:
In the room before the sacred forest meadow, there is a rock. blow it up and fall down the hole. There is a Deku Salesman in there. Defeat him and you will get the Deku Nut Upgrade(50 Deku Nuts)


As Adult link, go to Lon Lon Ranch and talk to Ingo. He will let you ride one of the horses for a price. Play Epona's song and Epona will ride on over so you can ride her. Get on her and wait until its time to get off. when it is, do it again. Ride Epona, except this time, talk to Ingo on the horse and he will challenge you to a race for 50 rupees. If you beat him he will challenge you to a rematch convinced that it was a fluke. If you defeat him one more time, he iwll give you Epona. He will try to block you into the rach by closing the gate, but just run towards it fast and Epona will jump it and you will have Epona to make your trips across Hyrule Field easier. At any time, if you play epona's song Epona will come to you if you are in an area she can go too.

The Hylan Loach

As Adult link, go to the fising pond but do not enter. Enter AS SOON AS you hear the rooster signifying morning. Then just stay in there until the loach come out.

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