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This page records all the updates that are made to this page as of 2/25/99. In case you come here to see what I have added you can come here to see what I have added without you going to everypage and trying to find out.

Updates of July 12, 1999
Added individual tables to my Main Frame
Added a style sheet(Don't Underline Links) to my main frame

Updates of July 11, 1999
Added my Zelda 64 section.
Added a clock to my main frame(the left one).

Updates of July 5, 1999
Added the MP3 Section to my webpage
Added a few javascripts to every page on the entire site.

Updates of March 24, 1999
Totally redid my Chrono Trigger section
Added Armor, helmets, items and accessories to my Chrono Trigger section.

Updates of March 14, 1999
Added the Arcade Section to the webpage.
Added the weather finder to my main page.

Updates of March 13, 1999
Added the weapons list to my Chrono Trigger section.

\Updates of March 5, 1999
10. Added the Love Calculator to my Main Page.
Added the Year 2000 Countdown on my Main Page.
Added the Mouse Tracker to my Main Page.
Added the Computer Information section to my webpage.

Updates of March 4, 1999
Added a link to HOLY COW! in my links section.
Added a part to my main page so that you can access your Homail account stright from my webpage.
Added the section where you can vote for the music that goes on my total webpage.
Added the Webpage Maker to my webpage.
Added a link to the creators of the Webpage Maker
Added the Dogpile search tool on my Main PAge.
Added a link to Free Stuff World in my Links section.

Updates of March 3, 1999
Added the temperature conversions to the main page.
Added the Top 50 Sites button on my main frame. Click on it!

Updates of March 1, 1999
Added the Webpage Statistics section of my webpage.
Uploaded two new images. Both of them are in use in the Webpage Statistics section.

Updates of February 28, 1999
Changed the index.html from automatic page forwarding to zoom text and link forwarding.

Updates of February 27, 1999
Took off the Altavista search tool.
Added the poll to the Chrono Trigger section.
Added a counter to the Chrono Trigger section.

Updates of February 26, 1999
Added the questionaire section.
Changed the music on the front page from "No Good" to "Breath". Both songs are by Prodigy.
Added the YAHOO! seach tool on my main page.
Added the Chat Room section.
Added the Altavista search tool on the Main page.

Updates of February 25, 1999
Added a link to Athens Area Schools Webpage in my Links Section.

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