Zelda 64 Characters

Zelda 64 opened up the world of characters. You can interact with all people in the game, but only do a few have a real impression on the game. Here is that list of select people

Link-The main character in the game. All action in the game somehow surrounds him. He is also the character you control. He posseses excellent sword skills and magic skills. Eventually link will grow up and become the hero of Hyrule when he fights and defeats Gannondorf.
Princess Zelda-Princess Zelda is the princess of all Hyrule. She overlooks the kingdom until there is an attempt to kidnap her and she flees with Impa. Zleda holds the key to the triforce in the Ocarina of Time and eventually hands it down to Link so he can defeat Gannondorf. Eventually, she will rise up as the 7th and the leader of the seven sages.
Gannondorf-Gannondorf is the one who messes the perfect kingdom of Hyrule up. He is a Gerudo male. Something that happens only once every 100 years so he is hailed king of the Gerudo's. Using his power, he tells the king of Hyrule that he wants to ally with him and form an even more peaceful nation. He betrays the king when he trys to kidnap Zleda for his own selfish ways and ends up ruling Hyrule for seven years without the triforce when he is eventually defeated by link.
Sarah-Sarah is Link's one friend in the Kokiri Forest as a child. She is the only one who like the boy with a fairy. When Sarah gets older she emerges as the Forest Sage, the second one to awaken only top Rauru. She helps link on his quest and contributes to his Ocarina with the melody, Sarah's Song
Rauru-Not much is known about this mysterious Sage. the only information that the game gives about him is that he is the light sage and that he was awakened before the rest of the sages and before Link picked up the master sword. Rauru also appears to be the leader of the sages until Zleda gets there.
Impa-Impa is introduced in the game very early, but is not used in the game until very late. She is the last person from an almost extinct race of people known as the Sheikiah(sp?). She is the keeper of Kakarikio Village(sp again?) and emerges as the Shadow Sage. She watches over the Shadow Temple in the graveyard adjacent to Kakarikio Village. Early in the game, she is also Zelda's "nanny" type person.
Ruto-Princess Ruto is princess of the Zoras, the water people. The Zoras job is to guard King Hyrules water supply and make sure it is still there. Ruto emerges in the game as the Water Sage. She holds the medallion and also holds the 3rd pendant you need in order to travel into the future to save Hyrule from Gannondorf.
Nabooru-Nabooru is the last Sage that you wil encounter. She is the queen of the Gerudo's and even though she is a Gerudo, she despises Gannondorf and what he does. She watches over the Spirit Temple in the desert by the Gerudo Fortress. She is the Spirit Sage and also the last one to be awakened.
Darunia-Darunia is the leader of the Gorons. A rock eating people that live on top of Death Mountain. They live off of the rocks that are on Dodongo's Cavern and when thet cave is blocked off, link helps them to unblock the cave. In return they give him the second spiritual stone. Daruina is the fire sage and is awakened after you defeat the fire temple.

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