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Welcome to my Chrono Trigger page! This page is dedicated to the masterpiece RPG of the SNES. This game sets you in the game like you have never been there before. You start off asleep in your bed on the opening day of the Millennial Fair. You wake up and go to the Millennial Fair and bump into a mysterious girl. She asks you go walk around with her and you do. You go visit your friends machine. the girl steps in and the machine makes a reaction with her pennant and sends her back in time to 600 AD. You must rescue her from there and the story unfolds. You must destroy Lavos in 1999 AD before he destroys the Earth. In your journey you will be sent to many locations. From the Peaceful land of 1000 AD to the fericious Death Peak in 2300 AD. You will be sent to a magical kingdom in 12000 BC that is filled with mystery and through prehistoric lands that Lavos emerges. This game is surely a masterpiece and every gamer should at least rent it to play it at least once before mking a decision on it. Below are some links that are available for the time on Chrono Trigger. I am bound to make changes and add other ones so come back often!

Right now I am going to start a fanfic section but I need some. So if you have any fanfic, e-mail it to me by clicking here

Also, if you have any news about Chrono Trigger that I do not have, please e-mail it to me.

There have been Chrono Trigger fans at this site.

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