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Welcome to my mp3 page! The features that I include so far, are mp3 search, playlists, a total winamp section, mp3 players, encoders, direct mp3 downloads, a section where you can but a portable mp3 player, and a final page going over the all the legal information I could find on mp3s just in case you were wondering. Most of the information comes from the official MP3 page,, but in NO WAY, did I plajurize their work. I read their articles and descriptions and came up with my own comclusions and thoughts BASED on what they said but no ENTIRELY and EXACTELY what they said.

For those of you who do not know, MPEG Layer3, or MP3, is a type of digital sound that is almost exact to CD music. Some people think it is better. You can even "rip" songs off of CD's and store them onto your computer. There are even portable MP3 players similar to walkmans in size but expensive like CD players(roughly $200)

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