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The Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time, or calso commonly called Zelda 64, is arguably the best game ever to be realeased..EVER. Some people think that it is better than FF7(Final Fantasy 7) and other great RPGs that have made a name for themselves. Zelda 64 takes a gamer through the magical kingdom of Hyrule in the quest of defeating Gannondorf, who seeks the Triforce to become the leader of Hyrule. As link, you must stop his feat and in the process, save Princess Zelda. As your quest unfolds, you find you will be traveling through forests and deserts and towns and even a ranch. You will get allies such as Epona and Malon. You will fight formidable foes such as Gannon and the twin thingies(not sure of their name). Zelda truely is a game of the ages, a classic in itself. With this webpage, I hope that I can help you the gamer experience more of Zelda 64 and enjoy the world to the fullest extent.

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